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We build modern leaders and workplaces that develop and engage.

Modern Leadership Coaching

Think of us as personal trainers only for leadership development.  Together we discuss, prepare and practice for their day to day leadership priorities.  We use a combination of coaching and instruction depending on clients needs. 

We incorporate foundational skills and techniques that are lifelong tools for people leaders including; behaviourial styles,  situational leadership, coaching models, presentation, and listening skills.   

Give us your new, developing, hi-potential, and senior leaders and let us add to and accelerate their skillset and effectiveness


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Modern Workplace HR Consulting

We help organizations design and create their blueprint for a modern workplace culture.

With experience designing, creating, and maintaining award winning workplaces we can share our insights on what levers to pull to build the workplace that matches your strategy.  

We examine how your workplace creates and delivers trust, transparency, autonomy,  leadership, a positive work environment,  talent development, and the tools to do their job. 

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Seeds of Leadership is a lively, energizing, and interactive session sharing leadership learnings and wisdom from some of the most insightful leaders in the agriculture industry. 

It is delivered in a fill in the blank quiz format where participants can keep their score and get their competitive spirit going. The keynote can be customized from 30-45 minutes and allows clients to pick from 6-10 questions.

Blueprint for a Modern Workplace provides the template to design, create or accelerate your workplace cutlure.   Built around the premise that HR might be the organizational architects but your people leaders are the true builders of modern workplace. Delivered entertain, educate, and delight the audience.   Presentation can be customized from 60 - 90  minutes. 

HR 4.0 proposes that there is another level of workplace engagement and performance still to come. From Personnel, to HR Business Partnering, to People and Culture, we have already moved from an administrative function to building great workplaces.  The future of HR might just have another evolution which combines the best of performance psychology with work.  Improved or impossible performance can come from harnessing techniques athletes have been using years in our workplaces and the study of flow state..    

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